NOW Society Ensemble Concert

NOW Society Ensemble Concert

November 17, 8pm - Roundhouse Comunity Centre

with Kris Davis and Lina Allemano


The NOW Ensemble performed ISCM World New Music Day selected works (thank you Music on Main!) by composers Éric Normand (Rimouski, Québec), Fredrik Gran (Sweden), Henri Augusto Bisognini (Brazil) and Lisa Cay Miller. Trading Places: Un Échange d'Improvisateurs resident artists Vicky Mettler and Ellwood Epps perform with the NOW Society Ensemble.

These graphic scores are challenging and compelling!  A card game (Normand), board game (Miller), video score (Gran) and finally a piece in which the aucience controls the video score, through a mid keyboard.

Set One:
Paul Cram - Eternal Ice (1978) in the Exhibition Hall
Éric Normand (Canada) - Jeu de cartes (2011)
Lisa Cay Miller (Canada) - water carrier/porteur d'eau (2017)
Fredrik Gran (Sweden) - Vox Terminus (2015)
Henri Augusto Bisognini (Brazil) - Curiosidade (2015)

In the second set, guest artists trumpetist Lina Allemano and pianist Kris Davis joined in company style guided improvisations.

Set Two

1. Vicky Mettler, Lisa Cay Miller, James Meger
2. Skye Brooks, Vicky Mettler, Lina Allemano
3. Kris Davis, Joshua Zubot, Skye Brooks, James Meger, Lina Allemano
4. Ellwood Epps, Lisa Cay Miller
5. Ellwood Epps, Kris Davis, Joshua Zubot
The NOW Society Ensemble:
Joshua Zubot - Violin
Ellwood Epps - Trumpet
Vicky Mettler - Guitar
Lisa Cay Miller - Piano
James Meger - Bass
Skye Brooks - Drum



Fredrik Gran - Vox Terminus (2015)



'Vox Terminus’ can be translated both as ‘Border Noises’ and ‘Noise Limit’. Each musician/group of musicians represents one of four colors of triangle shapes, who are presented through parallax effect (used as illusion of perspective in video games and computer graphics). The graphic is visualizing polymetric patterns with structures inspired by the Euclidean algorithm.


Henri Augusto - Curiosidade (2015) 
Lisa Cay Miller - water carrier/porteur d'eau (2017)
Éric Normand - Jeu de cartes (2011)