NOW INsphere Sessions

NOW INsphere Sessions

Merge Vancovuer, NE corner of Clark and Powelimg_9997.jpg

Set 1: guest artists      Set 2: chance INsphere improvisations


What will happen with the roll of the dice?

Who's next and what will they play?



The NOW Society presents a chance improvisation series at the Merge Vancovuer. Each session begins by featuring special guests. Musicians form the audience are then invited to improvise in randomized groups, suggested by the INshpere NOW die created by Andrew Scott and inspired by literary quotes. Observers are welcome! Bring your instruments and be ready to listen and improvise!  Admission is free. Donations to NOW will be gratefully accepted. 


Lisa Cay Miller with:

#8 February 24, 2017

Anne La Berge (Amsterdam) - flute     Jeff Younger - guitar   



#7 October 11, 2016


Jim Denley (Australia) - saxophones     Kim Mhyr - guitar     Ingar Zach - drums (Norway)


#6 May 5, 2016

Brad Turner - trumpet     Lan Tung - erhu    


#5 April 14, 2016

Brad Muirhead - bass trombone     Clyde Reed - bass


#4 February 18, 2016

James Meger - bass     Skye Brooks - drums


#3 December 10, 2015

Peggy Lee - cello     Ron Samworth - guitar     Joe Williamson (Sweden) - bass


#2 November 26, 2015

François Houle - clarinet     Jared Burrows - guitar     John Brennan - drums


#1 November 12, 2015

Phil Minton (UK) - voice     Torsten Muller - bass     Dylan van der Schyff - drums