NOW Improv Workshop Concert

NOW Improv Workshop Concert

and Kris Davis, Rory Cowal, Lisa Cay Miller, solo piano

Roundhouse Community Centre, Nov. 15 8pm

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Solo piano - Kris Davis
Untitled #5 - Dave Todd
Resonating Lead, Chasing Low - Brent Cross  
Bombarded - Dan Potter
Ostinati - Andrew Beddoes
Claiming My Time - Johanna Hauser
Hum - Margot Butler
There’s Laughter in It - Chloe Ziner
Solo piano - Lisa Cay Miller
Andrew Beddoes – percussion
Margot Butler – voice
Brent Cross – electronics
Johanna Hauser – clarinet
Sheila Jones – voice
Dan Potter – guitar
Mark Sutherland – tenor
Dave Todd – trumpet
Chloe Ziner – guitar


8 pieces for the Vernal Equinox (2017) - Kris Davis
with Rory Cowal- piano

  1. Raphiolepis
  2. Pieris
  3. Photinia
  4. Vitex
  5. Abelia
  6. Calluna
  7. Nerium
  8. Choisya

Morse Coding - John Gross
A Free Form Fugue - Michael DuBelko
Lead and Follow - Gary Wildeman
Bottoms Up - Kenneth Schroeder

Bird in Three Pieces - Chris Balma
if not NOW, when...(climate change is real) - Ian Migicovsky
Conduction with both groups
Chris Balma – guitar
Michael DuBelko – cello
John Gross – saxophone and flute
Ian Migicovsky – sax, flute and percussion
Michelle Richards – voice
Kenneth Schroeder – electric bass
Gary Wildeman – drums