NOW Welcomes Lisa Cay Miller as Managing Artistic Director

Lisa Cay Miller brings her distinct blend of contemporary classical, improv and the avant-garde to NOW's tradition of innovation.

 “If the new improvisational movement means to convey the spirit of jazz without reiterating its stylistic clichés, then Vancouver-based pianist Lisa Miller deserves to be considered one of its leading lights.   

                   ~ The Globe and Mail     


Her compositions have been performed in Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, the United States, Brazil and Japan. 
Lisa has written for orchestra, chamber ensembles, big bands, Western and Eastern instruments, multi-media installations, film and dance. 
She has produced shows from DIY small stages to concert halls. Miller has performed with some of the best improvisers on the planet, locally and internationally.  

"I’m incredibly excited to have Lisa Cay Miller join the New Orchestra Workshop team. She brings her skills as an improviser, composer and educator, as well as a tremendous drive to build community and audience. Lisa is a dynamic addition to our organization, " says Coat Cooke, Artistic Director.

"It’s an honor to be given the opportunity to contribute to the NOW Society tradition of community and artistry. I’m thrilled to take part as the Managing Artistic Director of such a valued and seminal Canadian organization. 
I look forward to many inclusive and collaborative endeavors. This is an exciting time for creation and for experimental music." says Miller.