Mentor and Telemachus - Oct. 17 8pm

Mentor and Telemachus - Oct. 17 8pm

NOW Artistic Director Lisa Cay Miller has chosen extraordinary students and mentor pairs to share stories of wisdom, generosity and strength. Exceptional not only in the professional statures of the apprentices and coaches, but also in the nature of their relationships, these are kindred artists drawn together by a love for music that is maintained by a deep integrity. 


Mentor and Telemachus will feature new works by Amsterdam composer and violist Ig Henneman, Vancouver's Juno and Rising Star Galaxy award winners Cat Toren and Cole Schmidt. The concert will focus upon inter-generational exchange and the profound relationship between teacher and student, notably when that bond evolves into one of mutual respect between colleagues.


The Story of Mentor


Ig Henneman, world-renowned violist and composer from Amsterdam, will compose a new work for especially for the NOW Society ensemble orkestra futura. Henneman, one of Miller's primary mentors, will travel to Vancouver to present her work, give workshops and lectures and to perform with NOW. Cole Schmidt will compose a work featuring his teacher, composer and guitarist Tony Wilson, one of Vancouver’s most valued musicians. New York-based Cat Toren piece will feature her mentor Lisa Cay Miller. Miller will also perform a work of another of her mentors, a solo piano piece by American composer Bunita Marcus.


The concert will span three generations of musicians dedicated to the creation of original, groundbreaking work, and highlight the regenerative impact that the passing down and exchange of musical knowledge gives to musical communities and to the preservation of composition and especially of improvisation, essentially an oral tradition where connection with elders is essential to the maintenance of the art form.


Read a Georgia Straight article about the October 17th event here

Tickets: $20 General, $15 Members, $10 Students, $5 Student Members


Guest Artists:

Ig Henneman (Amsterdam) - Viola, Tony Wilson (Vancouver) - Guitar

World Premieres of New Works by:

Ig Henneman, Cat Toren, Cole Schmidt and Lisa Cay MIller


Orkestra Futura:

John Paton and Jon Bentley - Tenor Sax, JP Carter - Trumpet, 

Brad Muirhead - Bass Trombone, Lisa Cay Miller - Piano, 

James Meger - Bass, Skye Brooks, Drums