Narcan Training Session with Gary Davison



May 4 - Narcan Training Session with Gary Davison

2:00 - 3:30 pm

Please join us for this very special workshop, a training in how to administer Naloxone. With these skills you may save a life!

This event will be free for up to 15 people. It is possible to reserve a place in the workshop here.

Gary Davison has worked in the Vancouver DTES (Downtown Eastside) as a social justice advocate, both at InSite as a Community Educator with VCH (Vancouver Health), and Provdence Health as a research assistant for OAT (Opioid Agonist Treatment) and Heroin-assisted programs.
This workshop will combine a brief summary of toxic supply and health care trends to help attendees better understand the population. A Narcan training session with emphasis on the need for self-care while administering will follow. Drop in attendance for up to 15 additional will be available the day of the workshop. Light refreshments will be served following the workshop.