May 5 2pm and May 11 4pm!


May 5: 2pm at Oppenheimer Park (400 Powell St.)
May 11: 4pm at Woodward’s Atrium (111 W. Hastings St.)
Free and open to the public

Aiden Edwards    Bass Clarinet and Clarinet
Stephanie Poon    Oboe
Joyce Liao    Cello
Saba Amrei   Voice
Lisa Butel    Voice
Akiko Kawamura    Voice
Soitirios Papavasilou    Voice
George Berking    Singing Saw
Brent Cross    Electric Guitar
Oliver Hart    Electric Guitar
April O'Dwyer    Banjo
Clyde Reed    Double Bass
Matthew Ariaratnam    Nylon String Guitar
Andrew Illman    Hand drum Percussion
Lisa Cay Miller    Conduction and Piano
Kimit Sekhon   Video
with a welcome by
Kelvin Bee
Gunargie, aka Ga'axstasalas

The nummena orchestra, an ensemble of improvising musicians encouraged by the conduction of Dr. Lisa Cay Miller. Open to all levels of ability and experience, the orchestra will contain both professionals and those new to improvisation and conduction. This is a FREE program.

In order to join the orchestra, participation in all of the rehearsals will be necessary, please register here. Bring your instruments!

The performances, May 5 at Oppenheimer Park and May 11 at Woodward's Atrium, will be free and open to the public.

Conduction Community Nights are inspired by Conduction® of Lawrence D. Butch Morris
"The Lexicon of hand directives of Butch Morris - signs and gestures devised and refined for creative compositional utilization in group improvisations... Here there are no staffs to read, no keys to know, no meters to count, but instead a stimulating new mindset to adopt… Morris hoped Conduction would be a practice freely shared and widely adopted for its value as an instrument of musical investigation and experimentation.” Lisa Cay Miller intends to lead the nummena orchestra in that spirit of generosity and intent.

Oppenheimer Park

Woodwards Atrium