4-10 pm Saturday Feb 21 A Supreme celebration

4-10 pm Saturday Feb 21 A Supreme celebration

 A Supreme celebration 


at the Western Front

303 8 AVE E, Vancouver


The culminating event of the series! The Montréal guests and Vancouver’s vibrant improvisation community present a Supreme marathon with music, poetry, food, drink, and companionship. The audience can stay as long as they would like during the six-hour expression Coltrane’s Love Supreme poem.


Part 1 - Members of the improvisation workshop from February 19 and the NJLQ: Guy Thouin (drums) and Bryan Highbloom (tenor sax), with Vancouver’s Raymon Torchinsky (alto sax).


4:00  improv workshop participants group 1 (6 players)

4:30  improv workshop participants group 2 (6 players)

5:00  improv workshop participants group 3 (6 players)

5:30  improv workshop participants group 4 (6 players)

6:00 MJLQ trio and guests

6:30 first half tutti

7:00 eat, drink, community


Part 2 Vancouver improvisers

7:30 Saul Berson, Bruce Freedman (saxes), Paul Blaney, Clyde Reed (basses)

8:00 Ron Samworth, Cole Schmidt (guitars), James Meger (bass)

8:30 Brad Muirhead (bass trombone), Skye Brooks (drums), Russel Sholberg (bass)

9:00 John Paton (sax), Lisa Cay Miller (piano), André Lachance (bass) 

9:30 second half tutti

10:00 eat, drink, community



Bring a dish to share and save $5 off the ticket price.

$20 /10  General
(member discount 5$)