Musical Repertoire from the Natalie Brettschneider Archive

Repertoire from the Natalie Brettschneider Archive

Tuesday January 23, 7pm
Free Admission
Carol Sawyer - voice
Lisa Cay Miller - piano
Elisa Thorn - harp
Katie Rife - percussion
Presenting music informed by the repertoire of Natalie Brettschneider, a genre-blurring performance artist, and her contemporaries. For the past 18 years, Vancouver artist Carol Sawyer has been researching, documenting and otherwise channelling the work and life of the early 20th-century Canadian artist Natalie Brettschneider—in large part, she says, to combat the shortage of information about interdisciplinary women artists of the early 20th century. Her solo exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Carol Sawyer: the Natalie Brettschneider Archive, runs from late October 2017 to early February 2018. Learn more about the exhibition here.
Carol Sawyer is a visual artist and singer working primarily with photography, installation, video, and improvised music. Since the early 1990’s her visual art work has been concerned with the connections between photography and fiction, performance, memory, and history.
Percussionist Katie Rife works in a variety of styles, from new music to symphonic, and has a deep fascination with the many different sounds percussion instruments make. Recent CD releases include Surface Tension with the Ethos Collective and Immersion with Negative Zed, both on Redshift Records.
Elisa Thorn is an active member of the creative music scene known for her use of extended techniques, electronic effects, and unconventional uses of harp. She plays with many bands in Vancouver including Gentle Party, Elisa Thorn's Hue and The Giving Shapes.
According to the Georgia Straight, pianist/composer Lisa Cay Miller is “making some of the most intricate and beautiful music that can be heard in Vancouver today.” Miller has performed and had her compositions premiered in Europe, North and South America and Japan and is the Artistic Director of the NOW Society.
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