Around Noon Artist in Residencies

Around Noon Arists in Residencies - 12 pm on the Third and Fourth Saturdays

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March – Natasha Zrno
Photo credit: Celina Rudolf
March 21 and 28, 12 pm
Natasha Zrno: Works of Progress

Natasha Zrno - Clarinet
Johanna Hauser- Bass Clarinet
Lynn Marie Chicoine - Synthesizer, Keys
Nicholas Marriot - Guitars
Jesus Adrian Caballero - Percussion (March 21 only)
Adrian Avendaño- Percussion

Natasha Zrno, an improvising clarinetist with a rich warm sound and presence, is one of Vancouver's hidden gems. A collectivist by nature and individualist by practice. Her supportive community spirit is shown by her involvement in the Star System Curation Society, Sawdust Collector, NOW Society and her co-collaborated group Breathing Machine as well as her position as bookie at China Cloud Studios. Her music and vision are worth experiencing.

Works of Progress. Theme music with suggestive titles;
Original works of hypnosis and combustion influenced by the theme of the breath and perseverance in performance.

Special Thanks to Diane, Brad, Lisa, Lynn, Colin and Jenn, Breathing Machine, Growling Peach, Rosina, Jazmín and John.


February – Mark Sutherland
February 15, 12 pm
Normal Verbs with guests:
Mark Sutherland - Sax and Keyboards
Róisín Adams - Piano
Pablo Duque García-Aranda - Violin
Jesus Adrian Caballero - Drums
February 22, 12 pm
Normal Verbs and guests:
Mark Sutherland - Vocals, Sax, Keyboards and Bass
Pablo Duque García-Aranda - Violin
Dan Gaucher and Jesus Adrian Caballer - Drums
Mark Sutherland is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and improviser based in Vancouver, BC. He performs and records as a session musician and has toured Canada as well as parts of the USA. In 2015 he composed a clarinet quartet that premiered in Pavia, Italy and in 2016 Nu:BC premiered his trio 'Strange Architecture' as a part of Vancouver Pro Musica's 'Further Series’. In 2018 he self-released a full length album called 'Walking Songs’. Mark studied music at Dalhousie university in Halifax, NS where he regularly participated in workshops held by Creative Music Labs and Suddenly Listen. In Vancouver he actively participates in the NOW Society workshops and is studying Javanese Gamelan with Sutrisno Hartana. Over the last year Mark has been working with local art space and venue, What Lab, to present 'Fish Sung Sounds' series- which showcases local musicians.
April – Andormeda Monk
May – Janine Island
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