NOW 40th Celebration - Panel Discussion

NOW 40th Celebration - Panel Discussion

November 18 Roundhouse Community Center, Exhibition Hall

3:30 - 5pm

A Panel discussion contemplating the historical, local and global importance of the improvisation and collaboration of the NOW Society, as well as current and future directions for the Society, was presented in the Exhibition Hall, chaired by Greg Buium. This Panel, surrounded by the NOW Society 40th Anniversary Installation, forms part of an extensive NOW Society publication project and will include articles and transcriptions of over twenty interviews with NOW Society members. One third of these interviews have been completed.

Founders Ralph Eppel, Paul Plimley, Gregg Simpson, current and past Artistic Directors Lisa Cay Miller and Ron Samworth, and longstanding NOW Society member Clyde Reed took part in the Panel, which also included discussion with the public who have strong historical connections to the Society, notably with Diane Kadota, director of DKAM arts management, Matt ODonnel, founder of 1067, and Rainer Weins, composer and instrumentalist.