Love Supreme Improvisation Workshop

Love Supreme Improvisation Workshop

8 - 10:30 pm Thursday Feb 19 

Improvisation Workshop

at the Western Front

303 8 AVE E, Vancouver

Lisa Cay Miller and Guy Thouin (drums), Bryan Highbloom (tenor sax) and Raymon Torchinsky (alto sax), members of the NJLQ Trio, share their approaches to instantaneous creation and strategies for interpretation of the Love Supreme poetry with 24 workshop participants, who will perform in the first portion of the concert on Feb 21.

Free! registration is limited to 24, register at

about the NJLQ trio:

Guy Thouin is a veteran of the Montreal avant-garde creative music and jazz scene. One of the founding members (and last surviving member) of the original Jazz Libre de Quebec (formed in 1967), Thouin has had an exciting and varied career as a drummer including spending seven years in India studying tabla music. Bryan Highbloom and Raymon Torchinsky are two of the original members of Montreal’s Atelier de Musique Experimentale (1973-78), and has been a music therapist at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital for the last 30 years. Bryan has produced and run an annual jazz festival at the hospital for the last 15 years, bringing international and local musicians performing at the Montreal Jazz Festival to the hospital to play for the patients and staff.