NOW Workshops

NOW Workshops

For over 39 years, the NOW Society has been presenting free improvisation workshops with world class facilitators. The first NOW workshop took place in 1978, facilitated by Karl Berger, the founder of the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock NY. In the same year, NOW presented workshops by Anthony Davis, Oliver Lake and Sam Rivers. In 1979 weekly workshops began and the NOW Society continues to present free workshops to the public. Facilitators, too numerous to list them all, have included Pauline Oliveros, Eyvind Kang, Kris Davis, Ron Samworth, Lori Freedman, Ig Henneman, Lisa Cay Miller, Jessika Kenney, Pierre Yves-Martel, Jean Derome, Éric Normad, Jim Denley, Kim Myhr and Joane Hétu.




NOW Workshops are designed for individuals with varied abilities and experiences and offer safe environments for the creation of music - instantaneously and joyfully. Workshop facilitators communicate their ideas about improvisation with musical experiences designed to created new opportunities for collaborative exploration. We help musicians develop vocabularies of improvisational language, introducing a variety of techniques and compositional structures. We encourage the channeling of influences from a number of traditions and cultures while encouraging the development of individual voices.


Western Front Workshops

8EAST Workshops

Onomatopoeia Workshops

Workshops for Children and Youth


The NOW Society is committed to wide of access to its programs with programs for youth and seniors, elementary, high school students and university students, free workshops for community improvisers of all levels of ability, access to concerts extended with free admission to many programs collaborations with local and international musicians with a focus upon safe, accepting environments, healing, inclusion and above all the collaborative joy of instant creation.


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