Workshops for Children and Youth

Workshops for Children and Youth

Since 2014, the NOW society has been offering workshops to children and youth in Vancouver East Side Elementary Schools, at the New Westminster Secondary school, in Pyatt Hall, at the Roundhouse Community Center and the Vancouver Art Gallery, Family Fuse. NOW Society artistic contributors address the educational need for students to be exposed to musical expression and abstract narrative, encouraging critical thinking, elastic and reactive strategies. Participants learn to create with delight, courage and abandon. 

NOW in the Trees Project with the New Westminster Secondary School

April 19, 2015

The NOW Society partnered with the Wild About Vancouver Festival to produce an intergenerational performance with students from the New Westminster Secondary School, NOW musicians and the public in two outdoor performances in Stanley Park.


Keplar Workshop

at the Laura Secord Elementary School


Onomatopoeia Workshops

Since, 2014, the NOW Society has been presenting improvisation workshops to East Vancouver Elementary Schools, featuring the graphic score Onomatopoia - a forty-eight page comic book/graphic score created by Gary Wildeman.